Traumatic Brain Injury – what happens now?

Many months have passed since writing the last installment of our journey through Traumatic Brain Injury. It would be tedious to regurgitate what we have been doing since discussing my role as a caregiver – instead, I’m going to change from that to what we are doing now in order to move forward. These discussions will also be much shorter – as life intervenes – there is less time to dwell on it.

We visit the 10 Keys to Recovery (which were listed in the last blog) nearly every day, touching upon at least one of the items – whether it’s learning to retrain our brains to having patience with someone as they work through a difficult situation.

David still has not fully grieved for the person he once was because there are times when he suddenly ‘recalls’ something only to be sad…at which time he withdraws and slips into his bedroom for a little nap. When he wakes up, he is calmer and more settled.

If you live with someone with a brain injury, your life has also changed. My advice is to learn what you can to help the other person that you care for, but never lose sight of the fact that you too, need time to ‘care for yourself’.

I am now working on a series of lectures to accompany the books I wrote to help promote Brain Injury Awareness. I did not know that my journey of recovery mirrored my son’s. With the last book written in the trilogy (A Whisper Mystery Trilogy) I finally have closure. My only hope is that David will find peace because he still questions why he had his accident in the first place. Only time will tell…