Brain Injury Advocate

RAISING DAVID AGAIN, A Guide to Understanding the Uniqueness of Brain Injury and How Our Faith Sustains Us is now available wherever books are sold, however, if you go to my website, ( you can receive not only a signed copy, but a FREE booklet called, Brain Injury Tool Kit. (a pocket guide of resources)

RAISING DAVID AGAIN is my perspective as a Mother and Caregiver to David as it pertains to living with someone who has a brain injury. Included in this book are several amazing stories about how other individuals survived the process of recovery. Toward the back of the book, you will find an in-depth version of my 10 Keys to Recovery that we use every day. Also included is a section called BRAIN INJURY TOOL KIT. This contains key words, definitions, how to do forms, etc., as well as where to find resources to help you on your journey of recovery.

I welcome comments and reviews of this book. May your journey be a swift one!