We are Grateful!

We are grateful for so many things this year. November 1st took us on a tour of Ohio via Atlanta. A few funny things happened along the way. We had rented a little cottage in Chardon, Ohio for a week and as usual, David rose early to make us coffee. Instead of leaving the coffee in the pot, he poured me a cup and added something to it. I had taken some spices along with a container marked CREAMER, however, it took me a while to realize that he had ‘spiced up’ my coffee — not with the creamer, but with the spices.

Not wanting him to feel bad that he had done something nice for me, I simple asked him to use the container marked CREAMER, then removed the spices. If you live with a person with BRAIN INJURY, if you take them out of their environment (as we did to David) they adapt to where they are. In this case, you can’t fault him for trying to be helpful, but I don’t like cold coffee. When he turned his back, I emptied the cup and got a fresh one.

Another amusing story is that when you live with a person with BRAIN INJURY, they may take it upon themselves to do a little exploring if they get it in their head that it’s okay. David and his Dad had gone for a walk around the quaint town and stopped at the shopping plaza to see what was available, because he’s always on the lookout for DVDs of movies he likes.

One morning, I had gone with a friend and returned to see a grinning David. He opened the freezer to show me the container of ice-cream he had purchased. He had taken himself for a walk and came back with his treat. His Dad knew where he was all along, as we have a GPS tracking on him.

We implemented several of our 10 Keys we were gone, they are the ones we use to cope with Brain Injury. We have been blessed in so many ways, I just wanted to share our gratitude for all of our friends and family this Thanksgiving Season! Please know that each and every one of you are special to us. God Bless you all!