Brain Injury – the secret to keeping calm so you can carry on!

Brain injury is so unique that it can go undetected until something happens, then it can manifest itself. Take for instance what occurs between a slight hit to the head vs. actual head trauma. You might not think that a baseball smacking into someone’s skull would cause trauma, a two-by-four smack to the forehead would cause damage, or falling over something and hitting your head on the ground could cause worry, but since everyone’s brain is different, you might find that the brain – even slightly jarred within the cranium could cause some type of damage. If enough slamming goes on – as it does with contact sports, it could build over time and the results might be devastating.

I’m no medical expert, but I live with a person with brain injury. Over the last ten years, we’ve had the privilege of knowing many TBI, ABI, stroke, and concussion victims. They would all agree that their lives are different now, that if they knew then what they know now, they would have at least tried to avoid what gave them their brain injury. But, as much as we would like to, there is no rewinding of time. We can, become more aware of what constitutes a brain injury, and this will help us to avoid it.

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